Student experiences

Former UIB students who live outside Mallorca

Carme Frau“I’ve worked as a quantitative analyst for Deloitte in London for two years, where I price financial derivatives. I graduated in Economics from the UIB and it was there that I met the lecturer to whom I owe what I specialize in now. He helped me to find a postgraduate course that suited me, an M.A. in Banking and Quantitative Finance. We kept in contact for many more years!”


Carme Frau
Senior Manager at Deloitte LLP


Alma Salinas“They say that at university you only learn 10% of what you need for your job. I owe my 10% to the UIB. It was there that I studied a Master in Computer Animation for a whole year. We were the only ones who still had classes in the middle of August! Today I work as a senior videogame animator for Microsoft Studios’ Lift London. And my everyday work is putting into practice what I learnt back then”.


Alma Salinas
Senior Animator for Lift London (Microsoft Studios)


“During my end-of-degree project I learnt how to use FPGAs, a type of innovative integrated circuit at the time that has opened up many professionals doors since then. I graduated from the UIB as a data transmission engineer and today I specialize in refining Wi-Fi transmitters as part of a project to develop a new generation of chips. And I work for Samsung!”

Albert Cesari
Senior Engineer at Samsung Electronics

Andreu MoraMy time at the UIB served to introduce me to the fundamentals of how technology works, from mathematics, to electronics and physics. I studied Telecommunications Engineering. The degree was a very demanding one, but it was a luxury to be in such a friendly environment. Now I spend all day working with algorithms and data processing at the European Space Agency".


Andreu Mora
System Engineer at the European Space Agency


Jaime AbrilI remember the truly inspiring views of the Tramuntana mountains, the two distinctions that I was awarded during the first year and my time as a researcher two years later. I went back to the UIB to do a PhD on a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. I studied neuronal networks, electronic devices, laser physics and fuzzy logic: a great mix, which forms the basis of all my current knowledge. Have you heard of Vodaphone’s contactless payment service? Well, I’m behind it".

Jaime Abril
Head of Mobile Payment Development Services at Vodafone Group in Düsseldorf (Germany)


Students of the UOM (Open University for Seniors)

Catalina Ferrer“I never thought I could possibly enjoy going to class so much. I enjoy listening to the lecturers and the subjects they explain, some of which I knew nothing about. I like how they talk to us, how concerned they are for us to understand it all, and my classmates have now become a group of friends.”


Catalina Ferrer
Student at the Ibiza UOM


Etiquiano Gomila“Forming part of a university at my age! And, what’s more, taking an active part! The UOM has given me the chance to continue my education, build up more knowledge and learn new things as each day passes."


Eutiquiano Gomila
Student at the Minorca UOM (Alaior)


Joana Llompart“I joined by chance. I wanted to attend the UIB’s monographic courses and I ended up by registering for the UOM’s Senior Diploma! It makes me feel a valid member of society because it forces me to do activities that I wouldn’t otherwise do. It helps me to stay healthy and active.”


Joana Llompart
2nd year student of the UOM’s Senior Diploma course


Collaborators & postgraduate students

“When I arrived here, I went to stay with my uncle and aunt and I could’ve just spoken English or learnt Spanish. Initially I found Catalan very different, but then I realized that the two languages are very similar. I urge everyone to learn it because it’s very easy if you’re studying or know Spanish. I also encourage you to use it and you will see that it opens up new social horizons. I’m Welsh and I understand the islanders’ attitude and identify with them. I know that even if I say it wrong, they’ll be grateful for the effort”.

Meryl Wyn
International Relations Service collaborator

“I came to the UIB to make the most of an advanced academic education. What I’ve liked the most are its facilities and the close contact with the teaching staff, who have made it easier for me to do a good job. These postgraduate courses have helped me to broaden my knowledge and they have enriched me as a person. What’s more, the islanders are very hospitable to foreigners. I’m proud to have studied here and got over any language problems.”

John Nnaji
Master’s and doctoral student at the UIB