UIB experience

This is what your day will be like at the UIB

Do you know how many things you can do without leaving the campus? Well, you can do this and much more:

  • 07am
    Wake-up time!
    • Grab your swimsuit. We’re going to the swimming pool. A little bit of sport to get you going in the morning is good for you, isn’t it?

      On the UIB’s campus there is a sports centre with an Olympic pool, covered pavilion, fitness room, paddle tennis and tennis courts and a football field with artificial grass. What’s more, throughout the whole year you can enjoy a healthy variety of instructor-led activities. Get moving so that you can get in shape and be the envy of all your classmates.
  • 08am
    A double shot of coffee please
    • It’s 8am. Starting the day with a quick swim without even leaving the campus is well worth it. And now it’s time to continue the day with a nice cup of coffee and a couple of tasty slices of toast. Mmmmm!

      Few things go down better in the morning than a nice cup of coffee. That’s why you can find any number of cafés throughout the campus in its different buildings. There’s one close by wherever you are. Likewise, there are also automatic vending machines selling coffee and snacks for a quick bite to eat before you go into class.
  • 08:30am
    What class have I got now?
    • Now you’re really awake and ready to go to class, and you’ve got to keep the pace up because the day’s just begun. It’s time to forge your future.
      Over one hundred courses are available at the UIB, including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and the university’s own postgraduate qualifications. Within this immense choice of research and educational opportunities, there is one course that is perfect for you. With teaching materials and classrooms adapted to the EHEA, studying or continuing your education at the UIB is a smart proposition.

  • 10am
    You’re going to need a diary...
    • An avalanche of information on the first day of the academic year? It’s normal. Don’t worry. You’ll need a diary (among other things) to get organized. You don’t want to miss any of the social events in between classes, do you?

      Most buildings at the UIB have a stationer’s shop where you can buy everything you need for your day-to-day studies: diaries, notebooks, biros, marker pens, plus photocopies for example. Stop off at our copying service or the campus library so that you have everything you want. That’s where to go for those notes that your lecturers told you to get!
  • 10:15am
    Another class
    • Of course! You are at university. You’ve got two more hours of classes, but the effort is worth it. In a while you can build up your strength with a Mallorcan-style snack. If you don’t know what I mean, you’ve failed the test! Don’t worry though, you’ll soon learn.

  • 12am
    I’m starving!
    • Brains have to be well nourished to work properly. Remember that almost all the campus buildings have cafés where you can recharge your batteries. After a soft drink and a tasty ‘pa amb oli’ (traditional local cuisine and one of the quickest ways to go native), you’ll have energy to carry on for a few more hours.
  • 12:30pm
    I’ve run out of cash!
    • You were going to pay for your food and you discover that you’ve run out of cash. Well, this time it’s not a problem. Your new classmates will invite you to the ‘pa amb oli’, but next time it’ll be your turn.

      It’ll be easy to return your friends’ favour. You won’t even need to leave the UIB to get some cash, because there are several banks on campus to take out money or for other banking transactions, such as getting a student card.
      Banks :
  • 12:45pm
    So now what shall I spend my money on?
    • You’ve got some money out of the cash dispenser and you now have a brand new UIB student card in your wallet. Now let’s see what social event you can spend a few euros on this weekend, complete with a student discount.

      The UIB has an information system for all its students where you can check out anything to do with your studies, get academic guidance, find out about complementary training courses and keep up to date with cultural events organized by the Cultural Activities Service, including conferences, congresses, art, exhibitions, music, cinema, theatre and dance. What do you fancy doing today?
  • 1pm
    Back to class again
    • You’re on the last leg of the morning’s classes. At least you’ve got a good incentive: tonight you’re going to the cinema free! That’s one of the big advantages of being a student at the UIB.
  • 02:45 pm
    • By now that ‘pa amb oli’ is a distant memory. Luckily you’ve got a couple of hours free to eat at your leisure. Have you chosen what you want for lunch today?
    • At the UIB, you can find a wide variety of reasonably priced cuisine. Every day the campus’ different cafés prepare a set menu for the university community, so that when you come out of class you can choose from six different set menus. The problem is choosing which one, because you won’t know which you like most. In addition to the cafés’ usual selection of food (sandwiches, salads, hot dishes etc), you can also eat a pizza, tapa or kebab.
  • 4:30 pm
    There’s no time to lose
    • You’ve got your strength back and even though you haven’t got classes this afternoon, you don’t want to start the academic year on the wrong foot. You need to make an effort so that work doesn’t pile up, even at the beginning. Okay, let’s get on with it.
    • The UIB’s students are our priority and so we try and make sure you have everything you need to guarantee the success of your studies. The campus has some twenty computer rooms in its different buildings to work in when you do your homework, prepare for practical training or read through your notes. All of them have Internet connections and they are connected to printers so that you can print out any document you need. Not having a printer is no excuse!
    • *Ask the caretaker in each building where the computer rooms are.

  • 5pm
    Do you need to consult a book?
    • No, my dear friend, not EVERYTHING is on the Internet. People think that Google has to come up with all the answers but unfortunately (or not) it doesn’t have all of them. At least not all the answers that your lecturers want. That’s why we have libraries.
    • Libraries still exist in the Internet age. Of course they do! And on the UIB’s campus you can find one in almost every single building. Each of them contains general and more specialist reference tools including books, scientific (and digital) journals, encyclopaedias and audiovisual documents. In short, there’s everything you need. There’s even room to work in small groups and we can lend you laptops and e-books.
  • 5:45pm
    Catalan, our own language
    • There are two official languages in the Balearic Islands and at the UIB: Spanish and Catalan. We’re sure that you’ll pick up Catalan, our regional language, very quickly, but here’s a tip to speed up the process. If in doubt, just say: “Hola! Com anam?”
    • At the UIB, we want you to fit in as swiftly as possible. That’s why we offer all mobility students courses in Catalan and Spanish, plus a volunteer language programme and a Catalan self-learning centre.
  • 6:30pm
    First aid
    • What a full day! You’re exhausted. It’s time to slow time and devote a few hours to yourself. Have you got everything you need in your room?
    • On the way to your room at the UIB hall of residence, you can stop off one last time. Opposite it, as well as the sports facilities, you can find the campus chemist’s shop. This sells everything you need to ensure your health and wellbeing. Prevention is better than cure, they say, and we know a lot about all that too, because the campus also has a medical surgery.

  • 7pm
    No one can say you don’t look after yourself
    • It’s a good idea to buy some vitamins at the chemist’s but for them to work even better, we’ve got a suggestion. How about some yoga or Pilates classes? Something “easy” to start with.
    • At Campus Esport, as well as a swimming pool and fitness room, you should also go to our instructor-led classes. Our instructors will work you hard so that at the end of the year you can challenge your classmates to the Güell to Lluc walk (des Güell a Lluc a peu). (Ask what it’s all about and see how quickly they accept the challenge). With the “Get Moving” programme, you can do spinning, keep fit, abdominal, step, water gym and belly dancing classes. You’ll start off gently but end up going full out.

  • 8pm
    I want to go to sleep
    • Has it been a hard day? Don’t exaggerate! Luckily, you’ve only got to cross the street to reach your “new home”. Have a refreshing shower, a good dinner and rest for a while. And don’t be late for the cinema!
    • The UIB hall of residence is on campus, with all the advantages that this entails. You can go to class on foot or by bike, you can come and go as you please, you’ll have a Wi-Fi connection, you can choose between a single or shared room and the kind of board you want (accommodation only, half board or full board), you’ll be able to take advantage of university life at the campus and you’ll have a free pass to the sports facilities at Campus Esport.